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Colorado has 22 locally-elected district attorneys who are charged with seeking the truth and pursuing justice under the law on criminal matters that occur in their jurisdiction.

What's a DA?

District attorneys represent their local communities, ensuring fair and equal justice.

Local Programs

Colorado DAs are pursuing innovative initiatives to improve community safety and health.

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Don’t know who your DA is? Check out our map or search using your county to find out.

What is a District Attorney?

A district attorney is a public servant who serves as the chief prosecutor for their respective judicial district, made up of one or multiple counties in the state. Locally elected every four years, DAs are responsible for prosecuting crimes, ensuring equal justice under the law and promoting safety, health and well-being for all in their community.

“Our only goal is to provide thoughtful, level-headed prosecution services and balance public safety with human decency.”

District Attorney Matt Karzen
Colorado’s 14th Judicial District

Local Programs

Whether through diversion services, drug courts, juvenile programs, family justice centers, conviction integrity units or veterans courts, district attorneys in Colorado are at the forefront in pursuing innovative improvements to the criminal justice system that enhance community safety and provide opportunities for rehabilitation and redemption.

Find My District Attorney

Don’t know who your district attorney is? Not sure what judicial district you’re in? Check out our interactive map to find what DA is representing your community and information on how you can reach out to their office.

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