Colorado District Attorneys' Council

Promoting safe and healthy communities for all in Colorado

We are CDAC

The Colorado District Attorneys’ Council (CDAC) is a statewide organization – created by statute – representing the district attorneys for all 22 of Colorado’s judicial districts.

What We Do

We promote, foster and encourage an effective administration of criminal justice in Colorado.

Who We Are

Meet the dedicated members of the team serving our state’s district attorneys and their communities.

Our Trainings

CDAC offers educational and professional development opportunities across the state.

Our Principles

Equal Justice

Justice is our job, not convictions. Serving the public interest, we actively pursue the truth and ensure that everyone receives equal treatment under the law.

Public Safety

The primary reason we do our work is to create safe communities where every person has the opportunity to thrive, meet their true potential and enjoy their freedom.

Community Health

Public safety might be our top goal, but we recognize that no community can be safe without the services and resources that create healthy environments for everyone.

Honesty & Integrity

At the Capitol, in the news or out in the community, you can count on us to tell the full truth and remain faithful to the community values we all share.


Valuing humanity, we respect the inalienable dignity and rights of every individual in our state – including people who have caused harm in their community.


We believe everyone's path to redemption or rehabilitation must include accepting responsibility for the harm they have caused.

Victims Rights

Recognizing that they are the most important person in any criminal case, we protect victims' rights and support their needs while they seek justice.

Responsible Reform

For over 40 years, we have spearheaded efforts to responsibly improve the criminal justice system without compromising community safety and health.

Community Engagement

We prioritize educating the public and engaging every person from every community in discussions about the criminal justice system in our state.

“We provide training, resource support and policy advocacy for Colorado prosecutors, working collaboratively with them to promote the safety and health of our communities.”

Tom Raynes

CDAC Executive Director


Through the Ending Violence Against Women Project, Traffic Safety Resource Prosecutor Program and a team of legal experts, CDAC offers statewide skill-building and educational opportunities for prosecutors, law enforcement and other stakeholders throughout the criminal justice system.

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