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We recognize that the criminal justice system can be complex and difficult to navigate – even for people with law degrees – so we are committed to providing every person in every community with comprehensive information on the law in Colorado.


You’ve probably heard of them, seen them in movies and listened to them on podcasts, but the role and responsibilities of prosecutors are more expansive and diverse than most people in the general public know.

The Process

All you may hear about in the news are arrests and convictions, but the criminal justice process is much more expansive and tailored to each individual’s specific circumstances.

Your Rights

As one of the few people in a courtroom responsible for conducting a fair trial, we are dedicated to ensuring the rights of victims, communities and defendants are upheld throughout the criminal justice process.

The Facts

No fake news or alternative facts. With access to expansive databases throughout the criminal justice system, we’ve compiled accurate and important statistics that everyone should be aware of.

Legal Definitions

Parole and probation? Concurrent versus consecutive sentences? Mens rea and ex parte? You don’t need a Latin dictionary. We have you covered with the definitions and meanings of the terms you hear throughout the process.

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