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We are here to respond to all media requests for information and CDAC positions on statewide criminal justice issues.

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CDAC is only able to comment on statewide criminal justice issues.
If it is a specific case or issue that only pertains to certain judicial districts, we can connect you with those offices.

CDAC in the News

February 15, 2022  // CBS Denver 

The way the law defines sexual assault in Colorado could soon change. Right now, there is no mention of the word “consent” in the law, even though consent is key in proving sexual assault cases in court. Read More

February 1, 2022 // Exhibit CDAC 

Introducing you to the unsung heroes of the criminal justice system, helping survivors and witnesses through every step of the process. They help victims from all backgrounds, walks of life, and from all around the world. Read More

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October 20, 2021  // KOAA Colorado Springs 

CDAC’s Jessica Dotter and Linda Johnston explain the complexities of domestic violence and sexual assault cases, and also speak about some of the different ways we work to help victims.  Read More

June 13, 2020  //  Colorado Sun

Following extensive stakeholder engagement and bipartisan negotiations, CDAC officially announced its support of Colorado’s bill to enhance police transparency and accountability in Colorado communities.  Read More

June 4, 2020  //  KRDO Colorado Springs (ABC13)

The Colorado District Attorneys’ Council released an official statement on the murder of George Floyd by a police officer, announcing statewide bipartisan support for meaningful change in law enforcement.  Read More

Feb. 25, 2020  //  Colorado Sun

Speaking from her own personal experience of running into a gay panic defense in a murder trial, CDAC’s Amanda Gall outlines the issues with allowing these bigoted excuses for violence in Colorado courtrooms.  Read More

Feb. 13, 2020  //  Colorado Springs Independent

Under current law in Colorado, people convicted of the most egregious sex crimes are not required to undergo any treatment before being transferred out of prison to a community corrections facility.  Read More

Feb. 7, 2020  //  Aspen Times

Powerful testimony from prosecutors across Colorado led to legislators unanimously voting to modernize child pornography laws in the state’s House Judiciary Committee.  Read More

Jan. 24, 2020  //  9NEWS Denver

CDAC and public defenders came together to strike a balance between public safety and privacy by developing numerous improvements to how Colorado handles juveniles convicted of sex offenses.  Read More

Dec. 11, 2019  //  CBS Denver

CDAC is sounding the alarm over a bill that requires the Department of Corrections to study the possible release of untreated, felony sex offenders into the community in an effort to close private prisons.  Read More

Dec. 11, 2019  //  FOX31 Denver

In a discussion around the state budget and private prisons, CDAC made it clear that these efforts should not consider the early release of untreated sex offenders into the community.  Read More

Dec. 2, 2019  //  CBS Denver

A new law set to take effect in 2020 aimed at helping people suffering from addiction has the unintended consequence of decriminalizing the possession of up to 13,000 deadly doses of fentanyl.  Read More

Nov. 23, 2019  //  9NEWS Denver

CDAC expert prosecutor Tim Lane sat down with 9NEWS to explain existing criminal law surrounding the incident and why greater charges couldn’t be filed based on current statute in Colorado.  Read More

Oct. 30, 2019  //  9NEWS Denver

In response to a controversial proposal, CDAC’s Amanda Gall brings attention to the fact that the legislation would include most sex offenses including rape and sex offenses against children.  Read More

Oct. 30, 2019  //  CBS Denver

CDAC and Boulder District Attorney Michael Dougherty cautioned against reducing penalties for 18-25 year-olds convicted of crimes and providing them with the opportunity to be tried as juveniles.  Read More

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