Helping others create safe and healthy communities

Sharing our expertise

One of the primary responsibilities of CDAC is to provide local and statewide trainings that build on the skills of prosecutors and law enforcement and enhance their ability to have a positive impact on their community.

Training Calendar

You can see a complete listing and register online for upcoming CDAC trainings and events.

EVAW Program

Ending Violence Against Women through trainings on domestic violence, sex assault and stalking.

TSRP Program

CDAC’s Traffic Safety Resource Prosecutor is helping create safer roads across our state.

Ending Violence Against Women Program

EVAW offers training and technical assistance to prosecutors, law enforcement officers, victim advocates, coordinated community councils and other multi-disciplinary response teams across the state.

Traffic Safety Resource Prosecutor Program

The TSRP program provides law enforcement and prosecutors with specialized training, education, legal research and technical assistance around traffic safety and impaired driving.

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