What We Do

Training. Advocacy. Data-Management.

A better system

We provide centralized prosecution-related services to the district attorneys of Colorado including training of personnel, legislative drafting and liaison, legal research, management assistance, case tracking data and safeguarding, dissemination of data to other criminal justice agencies, and other special programs.


We facilitate numerous trainings for prosecutors, law enforcement, victim advocates and members of the community.


We discuss, develop and engage in public policy solutions that promote safe and healthy communities for all in Colorado.


We foster a more effective and efficient criminal justice system in Colorado through the use of information technology.

CDAC Trainings

Case Law Updates

Analysis of the impact of U.S. Supreme Court and appellate decisions on legal interpretations and law enforcement.

CDAC Conference

An annual three-day gathering held in September featuring keynote speakers and expert presenters from around the state.

Courtroom Experience

Interactive and simulated training that aids in preparing law enforcement officers for testifying in a courtroom.

Domestic Violence

Skill-building activities that teach victim-offender dynamics, investigation strategies and report-writing.

Felony Prosecutions

Preparation and skill-development for the effective, successful and appropriate prosecution of felony cases.

Impaired Driving

Training of prosecutors and law enforcement for effective navigation of the unique challenges in DUI cases.

Legislative Updates

Analysis of the impact of new criminal justice legislation on prosecution and law enforcement.

Major Cases

Advanced training for district attorneys that examines their role in major cases from investigation through trial.

Search & Seizure

Education on the implications of the 4th Amendment's prohibition of unreasonable searches and seizures.

Sexual Assault

Multi-disciplinary training on sex assault response, forensic exams, Title IX investigations and offender sentencing.

Traffic Safety

Training for prosecutors and law enforcement on crash reconstruction and common issues regarding road safety.

Trial Techniques

Week-long course preparing new prosecutors to achieve justice, act with integrity and protect the community.


Policy Positions

We meet regularly with legislators, collaborate with criminal justice stakeholders and testify to the Colorado General Assembly.

Legislative Drafting

No matter our policy position, we assist and collaborate with all legislators in developing bills.


We compile and disseminate legal and statistical reports for government stakeholders.



This comprehensive case management system provides prosecutors with an expansive database with information to consider in every aspect of a case.

Electronic Discovery

Providing evidence about a criminal case, eDiscovery increases the efficiency and accessibility of information for defendants and their attorneys.

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