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Job Description

The District Attorney’s Office of Boulder County is hiring a Victim Specialist.  The Victim Specialist provides direct services and acts as a point of contact to crime victims on Juvenile and Diversion cases. The position requires coordination and contact with victims to offer emotional support, information about victim’s rights and the criminal justice system, diversion/restorative justice process, and support agency referrals. The position involves gathering, organizing, and validating information from crime victims to prepare the total eligible, financial amounts for restitution. Reports to the Director of Victim Witness.

Work hours are Monday – Friday from 8:00am – 5:00pm.  This position will work at the Justice Center 1777 6th Street Boulder, CO.  This is a grant position with anticipated ending date of 12/31/2022. Boulder County requires its employees to reside in the state of Colorado as of the first day of work

Monthly Salary Range: $3,752.00 – $5,174.00 Monthly
Hiring Salary Range:  $45,024.00 – $55,000 Annually
Classification Salary Range:  $45,024.00 – $62,088.00 Annually



  1. Oversees compliance with the mandates of the Victims’ Rights Act (VRA).
  2. Documents services and notifications provided to victims and witnesses for VRA compliance and to maintain statistical data.
  3. Provides crisis intervention services that are directed toward de-escalating a situation, establishing physical and emotional safety, providing referrals for basic needs services, and emergency needs.
  4. Reviews police records and identifies victims who are eligible for restitution.
  5. Coordinates with Legal Assistants to request police records as needed.
  6. Initiates telephone, electronic mail, and mail contact to provide accurate and timely case related information victims and determine the amounts of restitution owed.
  7. Documents services and contacts to involved parties.
  8. Provides practical explanation of courtroom procedures, general criminal justice process, definitions of legal terminology, and eligible losses under the restitution statute.
  9. Processes affidavits of losses from victims by applying precedents to restitution claims.
  10. Submits the financial losses with supporting documentation to the Deputy District Attorney to review and request the Courts to order the restitution amount.
  11. Assists Deputy District Attorneys in filing motions with the Court to order, amend, or modify restitution.
  12. Ensures that victims are aware of their rights to restitution and aware of the Crime Victims Compensation Program.
  13. Provides Victim Compensation applications as needed.
  14. Notifies victims by telephone, electronic mail, U.S. postal mail, and in person regarding the status of their case, restitution claim and any outstanding supporting documentation required.
  15. Provides appropriate referrals to court collection investigators after restitution was Court ordered.
  16. Creates and maintains electronic files.
  17. Performs data entry to enter a victim name record, financial information to create a Specification of Restitution order, and generates letters and forms to victims.
  18. Manages a high volume of phone and electronic communication with victims, insurance agencies, pro se defendants, court personnel, and defense attorneys.
  19. Works closely as a team with Deputy District Attorneys, Victim Witness Specialists, Legal Assistants, and Diversion Case Managers.
  20. Effectively works with time-sensitive deadlines for restitution requests.
  21. Appears and testifies at restitution hearings as needed.
  22. Maintains composure when engaging emotionally complex people with the ability to listen and respond professionally.
  23. Attends and participates in training opportunities made available that directly relate to the services provided by the Victim Witness Unit.
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